Check out the Parties N' Motion inflatable obstacle course.

From Bounce Houses to Slides, So Much to Choose From!

At Parties N Motion we don’t just have a few bounce houses to choose from, but a whole assortment of houses, slides, obstacles and more to choose from! It could be for an event where kids can just jump around on a bounce house or for your child’s birthday where the kids can compete with each other and see who can win in a race! Don’t get stuck with only the basic few you see in every advertisement online. Take a look at what we have available for rental!

The most common bounce rentals you’ve heard of are the signature bounce houses that can come in many varieties and designs. There are themed bounce houses that might feature popular movies, shows or toys your child is fond of. They include Mickey Mouse, Disney Princesses, and many more! These aren’t the only options. There are also combo bounce houses available that could include slides or even water slides jutting out the side for more functionality! Some have one slide, while others have two slides next to each other for lots of fun!

Maybe you’re not looking for a bounce house, but strictly slides. We have a great selection of slides from short to long and water to dry. We have different themes such as the tiki inflatable, tropical palm trees, the wipeout slide, and more! These are great for hot summer events!

If you want something more action-packed, we even have obstacle and sports inflatables. You don’t get the old run of the mill bounce houses with these rentals! Our obstacle courses also range from 38 feet long to 68 feet. Challenge your friends to see if you can get through the pillars, over the slide, and through the walls onto the other side before your mate! Parties N Motion even has smaller inflatables of this style including limbo, basketball and a sports cage!

Before we go, we want to let you know about two new items we have coming. Watch for the “Avengers” themed bounce house and the “Flaming Wave” 17-foot dual lane slide that has a pool at the end! With the release of the new Avengers movie, watch out for when the rental arrives on our website to see if your crime fighting superchild will want that one instead.

With Parties N Motion our rentals can turn that birthday or picnic into a blast for all the kids and teens out there! Remember to have an adult on standby at all times and to pay attention to the instructions the rental workers provide when setting up your inflatable. Stay safe and have fun!

Parties N Motion is your premier source for party rentals in Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, St. Johns County and Clay County, and St. Augustine! Whether you are looking for combo bounce house, inflatable slide, or inflatable water slide, we are the best party rental company for you. Our bounce houses are fully insured. We also have several other fun inflatable rentals and other rentals including moonwalks, jumps, obstacle courses, tables for rent, chairs for rent, carnival games for rent and concession machines for rent. We have worked with many families and companies in Jacksonville Florida, Jacksonville Beach, and the surrounding counties in providing them with combo bounce houses and obstacle course.For your child’s next birthday party, surprise them with a bounce house! We have a variety to choose from including Mickey Mouse Bounce House, Disney Princess Club Moonwalk, Buzz Lightyear Bounce House, Sponge Bob Bounce House, and so many more. We specialize in providing fun and exciting bounce houses that your guests will love in St. Johns County and Clay County. The next time you are planning your special event, birthday party, party, or even picnic consider renting from us! Reservations can be made online or call us at 904-386-6229.
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